Monday, October 13

Beyond expectation; believes it is fate

Apparently, I have no time for this. But then I saw this letter from somewhere. It is nakaipit in our Piano - to be gone soon.

It's a letter from FEU. Of course I have distinguished it from the color of the envelope, the logo and all that. A letter?! Before my hands moved and took any actions, I told myself, this is certainly for me!

Thus, I reached for it curiously, while doing such, I informed my mother. Because for sure, she knows about this already. Before I could open the letter and read it, inunahan na niya ako. She told me what it is about, and all that. The letter was already opened! Urghh mga pakialamera. Bwahahaha x-( So, I knew what was it all about. Yep, it is definitely for me, and they are offering me a free entrance examination to be taken from their school, obviously. At first, I was like, I have no plans. But later, I felt kinda excited. Especially at an instant, remembered the 'FEU guy' we saw at the PICC fair. Damn! Is this fate? Or am I dreaming?!

Yes, the examination is free but the tuition fee is absolutely NOT! That's the major and a real huge problem. Yea, dunno what to do about this situation. :|

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