Saturday, November 1


I was in a very hapless and in a dreadful condition since last night because of my toothache. The so unbearable pain joined me until this noon. I was crying real hard! As if there's no tomorrow. I cannot do anything with it. It's all about the teeth. Which they say, the most painful of all the pains anyone can experience. But a pain reliever helped me get through the freakin' situation. It was a big help, though. Not to mention, its effectiveness that helped the ache subside and also made me sleep.
Oh well, to make it short, we made it to the dentist this afternoon. And whoa! Grabe 'yung sira. Though wala kang makikitang butas sa labas, ang laki na daw ng sira sa loob. No wonder! I almost died because of the pain. Poor me. :|

But then, the dentist made the 'pasta' thingy, temporarily. IF! The pain didn't come back anymore, then my tooth will be permanently pastad. LOL~ But if the pain came back, then sorry for me, bubunutin na. Awww! That's a permanent tooth already. I don't want na mabungi. Bata pa ako! Marami pa akong ambisyon sa buhay. Amff!
Another thing is.. I find it very very very difficult to eat. I can't bite especially on the part which was pastad and that 'dreadful' and strange taste of the medicine applied. I can still taste it until now. After I ate and all that.. Whew!
Oops! Gotta do HOUSE CHORES. F*cking HOUSE CHORES. Grr. Why am I always the one assigned to do these stuffs? Hindi nila ako tinatantanan dito sa bahay. it sucks!

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