Thursday, November 6


I failed updating this blog due to my moodiness. These past few days, my days are so damn tiring and that I don't have spare time for posting or doing any leisure. Apparently, I still have loads of works to do this time. But I refuse to. Perhaps, I'll do that later on. Well, good luck. Ever since sembreak has ended, our Periodic Test Papers were distributed. And honestly, my scores are damn disappointing. So I really expect that my grades will deteriorate. Whoa! I've been out of myself againn! Sana sembreak pa. Pwede extend? So.. This is what it's like to be a fourth year student. Torture eh. Well. Ganun talaga. Challenge DAW eh. What more sa college, right?! Hmmpf. Ok. Fine. I'll just end it here. Gotsa something to do~


Anonymous said...

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