Tuesday, December 16

In haste--

I suppose not to indulge myself into posting something here but something tells me to do so. :)
Mi was actually in a so-called haste-state today. Anyway, is it obvious?
I got to finish taking pictures for our Economics subject project. Hassle. I went to Puregold earlier; as soon as I got home, to take pictures in relation to our previous lessons. And I tell you it's a shame; including the fact that I am alone. Tae, 'di ako makadiskarte. I feel that I could be apprehended by anyone at the store anytime. Could not pursue. Yay! Haha. So. I wasn't able to finish it. Bow*
That's it. It has been some days, specifically ten days since I posted something because our monitor had encounter some conflicts. Ang malas ko talaga. :(
And our one day exam for this year is coming up; consequently, the X - Mas party. Yes, Christmas Vacation is approaching but still, if you could put yourself in our situation... There are hella loads of things and projects pending for us to accomplish. Waaa! It suckssss, dude! Zen Me Ban now, what to doo?! No time for relaxation that much, at the first place. :(

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