Saturday, December 6

Ooohhh :]

It's a fad and thus, inevitable. Battle of the bands! :]
Yea. There will be one tomorrow. The venue is just a walking distance from our place.
And oh heaven of heavens, Callalily will be there!~ OMG. At last, haha. I still got the excitement. After one year and a number of weeks, here I go again. For another gig! Nyay. Go check it out at their gig sked; the one at Carmona, Makati. Wiii.

Hopefully the unconfirmed 'no classes' on Monday will be confirmed. :D

And also on Monday, Justice will be the one to depart for their retreat. Good Luck guys. I'll miss you, BFF's. Love Youu~ Mwaaaa :*