Saturday, December 27

Up and Down

Recently, nothing necessary occurred. Or, maybe that's my perspective. Anyway, I'm gonna state things that apparently happened these days..

I had my finger nails polished with Pink & Black. Pink on the right while Black on the other. Way too insane? Nu-uh. I had nothing to do and I just want to. I also had my toe nails polished though.
Our present CPU will be reformatted tomorrow. Yehess! I felt so guilty that 2 people or could be called as victims were affected by the virus our computer has. And that, their gadget and PC were infected by the virus too.
I still got lots of stuffs, projects to do. But apparently, I intend not to do. Imagine, who could do that during the so-enjoyable-to-take-pleasure vacation we are having? Nu-uh. Embarrassing, really!
Cannot get over of the GuiLun and GuiWang tandem! I have gotten crazy over them! Waaaa. Waaa! Can't help it, can't get enough. Ya, I'm crazy, indeed! Say all you want. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! [Ooh, application!]
I already have my Plurk account. And I'm extremely enjoying and having fun with it! Lalalala... One time, I had this question spilled out with regards to my upcoming birthday. Just see the question I gave and the answers I received on the screen shot provided below. Lablablots! That's ol.
Christmas is over. So not, I must say, Merry New Year! :}

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