Thursday, January 1

My New Year

Annually, we are having this family reunion *slash* celebration of New Year and upcoming Birthdays. This has been the real sort of our Family, which I do like. We go to our Tito's place somewhere in Antipolo to celebrate such events. The same went this year. It's a so-called Dejavu [if I'm right]. I was completely dressed up, of course what would I look if I missed a single cloth? My way of clothing this year was pretty different, on my feeling because I felt somewhat difficult to carry it out to people. Probably it is the fact that it is indeed, girl-ish, which is a style that i am not really used to wear. The blouse I wore was not mine though. Mama had it borrowed from my little sister for me.
Her mere reason is for me to look at least, a girl this time. :D Imagine, when it comes to fashion and all that trends, my younger sister is the one who chooses good clothes. I have no idea when it comes to those. My perception is that as long as I have a t-shirt & my maong pants on, then it's fine! I don't give a damn on the way I dress. ;) Going on, we headed to the place at around 4PM and arrived at around 5:20. By that time, there were not that much people in the place. So, we waited for some time until everybody arrived. First, we prayed and ate. Delicious foods were served courtesy of my Tito's family. Second, we had the Amazing Race personally prepared by my cousin, Anna. Then after that.. Well, we had different worlds then. Some went to chat, some went to eat again. We had a little fireworks display to satisfy ourselves. Kaso, nakakabitin. :D
Then afterwards, we had the family picture taking and all that stuff, the raffle [though a little lame. But still, loves the gifts<3] the speech they are requesting from the celebrants [which I am one of]. So, I had my own fuckin', freakin' and frustratin' speech. Darn! They all wanna make it out of me. What's with them? Nyahaha! Lakas ng trip nila sa akin. LOLSZ. :)) Pero. That's fine, really. It's nothing to me. :D
Anyway, gonna share this picture which I think, ate Leni took while I was having the compulsory speech they are craving for..

Now, satisfied? Nu-uh. My papa is the one who wants me to speak though I got nothing to say. It's really. URGHHHHH!

ANYWAYS, IMMA SAY HELLO TO A NEW YEAR, 2009.. Jia You~ Let's all make it!~

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