Monday, January 26

Lazy me

Waah. Missed blogging? Hmm. Because I'm having too much pleasure plurking, I started to get lazy in blogging. But at least, I am posting though very rare compared to past. Just some updates, already got my card. Nyay! To sum it up, majority of the subject grades deteriorated. Nyay! As expected.
Then, at last, sooner or later, FINALLY, our computer will be reformatted. HOPEFULLY, THIS IS IT! :)
Boo. I can't think of any now. Gotta try doing our thesis. Our defense will be on Feb. 17! OMG! Darn nauseating. -;-

ZAI JE for now~


Niña said...

good luck sa defense!

Chunina said...

Thankss! Mwaa. :*