Saturday, February 21


One of the activities of Senior students @ our school is our Practicum. Naahh!~ It's a project, though. An enjoyable and fulfilling one. Well, fulfilling because on this day of our Practicum, the 2 only sections in the fourth year prepared foods for our invited guests to eat.
For our section, Wisdom, out theme is HAWAIIAN [SOSYAL]
While for Justice, it's FIESTA [PINOY!]

Well, I'm not into giving details now. But this centerpiece of ours is something we are very proud of. Of course, with the effort exerted by some of the boys in our class.

And so. We have our own different tastes of food.
A very hilarious dance/intermission number from our boys. HAHA!

I tried my best to be a 'good' waitress. But it's simply hard to resist the 'temptation' getting into my nerves to secretly eat some of our foods. Haha. Pakapalan na lang ng mukha!! Bwahaha.

When it was all finished, I admit, I had a 'sweet escape' from the entire thing because it's 'ligpitan' time and I don't want to indulge myself into cleaning stuffs. I'm exhausted. just want to go home. That's all..


PS: My part for this activity is to be one of the waitresses. I even had my hair 'curled' though it's actually a bit curled already. Haha, but I liked it. :D

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