Wednesday, March 18

Last 10 days of being a Senior Student -- How is it?

'Corina, sulat ka naman' said my classmate as she reaches out to me a notebook. Specifically, it's a dedication notebook. A stuff like such is up mostly if
classes will nearly come to an end. Last years were nothing but goodbyes which will also come to hellos!. But this year is the most tearful and different one. Why? -- Because at this point of time, we are Senior Students who are going to leave our Alma Mater in 10 days.

The past few weeks - days after our Finaals, until now. We've got nothing to do but practice, practice and practice! oh, the clearance thingy.

Last Saturday, we went to the mall to buy an at least 2-inch closed shoes. Fortunately, SM offers their own product that has big sizes of shoes.. FYI, my size is 10. About my heels? Oh, never mind. The saleslady told us that it's just 1 and 1/4. Which favors me! I hate heels, they're like hell. They just make your feet a complete disaster. I tried wearing these heels for just seconds to practice as I eventually started to feel the pain. WAAA. I must bear with this for the whole graduation rites. Yes, I must! o_O

And oh, BTW, I have an award. Wanna know what is it? Hmmm. It's nothing but that
'Loyalty Award' --an award given to students of St. Mary's Academy who studied there since their 1st grade. And I'm one of them. :D

On what I foresee, on the day of graduation, unstoppable tears will flow down from our eyes, future graduates. As we bid goodbye to our high school life, to our real friends through the years and as we step into a new and bigger chapter of our lives --our College life.


N. said...

HUHUHU! ayaw ko paaa!! :(

Mikaela said...

Congrats! :)

Chunina said...

@N.: Waaa. Ako din ee. :[
Nice name, BTW.

@Mikaela: Uy! Hello. Haha. Thanks :)