Tuesday, October 16

Cats 101

I don't why I came back and wanted to blog again but blah...idk if that's good to you or not. Anyhoo, I'm going to start my 'come back' right by posting a quite interesting--with a sad twist experience of mine....with cats. I'm not really a fan of animals...nor did I want to pet one at home but it's this youngest sister of mine who took that perception away. Meet Miming!
The first ever cat we adopted and offered a shelter since my youngest sister, Cajeanne always sees her passing by our house everyday and being an animal lover, she feeds Miming with some food. Her? Yep, we immediately knew she's a She because she's preggy, all the more reasons why we let her in the house-- to have a safe place where she can give birth to these adorable kittens. I want to narrate every little thing that happened after we took Miming in -- the place she chose to sleep at, the day she gave birth and all that but...this post will be so long already. And sooo here are the three little cute kittens...our bundles of joy. <3
From left to right: Ashley, Orangey and Micky! Well well well aren't they precious? <3 For a month or so, these kittens have always been our stress reliever, Cajeanne's playmates and our source of joy until such time that they started to poo (because of course they can't just suck milk from their mother and they have to eat). The thing is their poo smells so bad that it started bothering us. Plus there are three of them--the smell is too much for us to take.
It's hard to train cats because they say, cats think they're more dominant than the people in the house so they'll do whatever they want regardless of what you teach them and what is right.
So in short, we disposed all these cats. First batch: Miming with Ashley. Second batch: Micky and Orangey. These cats were disposed into different places. And and and because I've grown attached to these kittens, I went back after 3 days of disposing Micky and Orangey in the market to check on them and bring them some food. I found Micky exactly in the place where s/he was left. Micky started meow-ing like crazy when I held her and I knew right away how hungry s/he is. I fed Micky with some food I had with me and she ate it eagerly. Oh how my heart broke while watching her. I tried to find orangey but I cannot. I dunno what came into me because I know my mom will surely throw a fit but I took Micky back home anyway, I knew I had to do that. At home, Micky was nursed back to health because the disposal made him/her stinky, thin and dirty. I was considered Micky 'owner' at home since I'm the one who brought him back. Micky is always so sweet -- whenever I call for him/her, she always runs (like a dog, yep, that fast) to come to me and nuzzle his face on my feet. S/he sleeps deeply if someone's sleeps with him, s/he's playful and active UNTIL....again. I HATE UNTILs already! =( Micky started puking...every food we give him/her...be it a real cat food or just left overs. The first days were okay since he's still active, doing normal things but after how many more days, we can notice prominent changes in him...he's become weaker, he doesn't drink, he doesn't play with us anymore and he often hides somewhere to sleep, sleep and sleep! Oh boy... that really affected me.
I knew we had to bring him to the veterinary clinic that day but the cost really shocked us, we cannot afford it. That was the first time I ever felt like I cannot do anything to save a life-- to save something that has been precious to me. Because I believe that Micky will never be replaced...not by other cats and other animals. But Micky died. I was quite thankful I was in school during that time and my mom was the one who saw everything that happened before Micky died -- the pain the cat went through before passing away. That day, I can't take this pain off my chest and I knew I would treasure this cat forever---in my heart. My mom said I should move on, but it's so hard. Is this the feeling a girl gets when she breaks up with her boyfriend? LOL!
I love you, Micky! :3

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