Tuesday, October 16

very unsettling.

I find it very weird that now the sembreak, technically my last sembreak has arrived, I don't feel excited nor have I looked forward to it at all. Is this because I got used to going to school everyday for so long? Ah, the feeling is weird because there's a tad bit of sadness in it. I have no idea who/what will I exactly miss, my friends? my school? my allowance? What? What? Give me something to do for these 3 looooong weeks, please! Something that does not allow and is not even related to spending a single penny. Vacay means no allowance so double sadness. Ugh, anyway, I think I'll just have to enjoy it because from what I see, this is going to be quite the longest and kind of the last vacation I'll have because starting this December to next year, school will surely be crazy! Ciao.

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