Friday, November 16

All For You

Blame the hit drama Reply 1997 for this. The drama's OST, "All For You" is STILL stuck in my head after hearing the first time it 4-5 days ago. You know the feeling when you listen to it continuously, each time feels like the first time you heard it. Yep, I am so into it I had to activate the loop button so I'd stop doing stuff before the song repeats. Oh dear, I'm a picky person (except for food!) but when I find stuff which I really like, it takes some time before I could get over it. So now, I want to put the song here in my blogger as a 'background music' but I have no idea how to do so. Uh but anw, if you'd like to listen to the song, here's the link to it: :D href="" I have so much love for In-guk (the male singer) and his voice is so handsome! He inspires me a lot lately. I'm not really his fan and I admit he isn't my type before I watched the drama but...after 16 freaking episodes of it, I found myself falling for him. IDK if I fell for his character in the drama or what but what matters is his voice is so lovely I could care less. He isn't that handsome, yes but it's his appeal and 'character' that lure me in. I always consider the 'looks' in men who I like (LIKE KIM JAEJOONG) but In-guk would kinda be an exception. Besides, he's not so bad-looking himself, his face actually reminds me of Jaejoong during his pre-debut days when he still has his maiden face and hasn't undergone /stuff/ to get the face he has right now. Love you, Jaejoong! Yep that's fangirling right there. Big time.

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