Monday, December 31

it's new, it's gonna be great!

The clock ticks and in just a few minutes, 2012 will end and will remain as part of our history and 2013 will take place. Before, I haven't given much importance to new years except that whenever it happens, the entire street brightens up with different, colorful lights and the blasting of firecrackers and fireworks but now that I seem to have 'come to that age', I see new year in quite a different light. New year means adding up another year to your age and I am now one of those people who just want to age backwards. Because this 2013, I am technically leaving my -teens ages and finally stepping into my twenties, oh heavens! Who would have thought? Even I myself is reeling.

Unlike most people, I am not the kind of person who lists down my goals and resolutions for this new year, well you can say I'm the type who just 'goes with the flow~' that way also, I could avoid being pressured to complete such goals in a certain time.

Well, I'm wishing you and I would have a prosperous, healthy, peaceful, happy and successful 2013. There are so many events to look forward to this new year. Well...I can feel it! Heee~

You and I may have a lot or little to be left in 2012 or to be carried on to 2013.

Whatever those are, let's just all be spread love and most importantly, be happy!



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