Wednesday, January 2

i've got news no one's interested to hear

Hey you! Yes, you! Did you know I turned twenty just today? I bet not. That's basically because being an ordinary person means no one actually cares if you celebrate your birthday or die any moment, well except for some 'concerned' and 'close' friends. I myself is bad at remembering birthdays so most of the time, I miss out and fail to greet my friends during their birthdays but thanks for new means like Facebook to remind me who the celebrants are for this day and blah.

My birthdays have always been ordinary since I stepped in to my teenage years and my siblings coming to life, for I was well reminded of my parents how extravagant they used to celebrate my birthdays (or more like month-days) when I was still a baby, being the first-born in the family and all. I wish I understood how things are back then, but I'm just a baby. /pouts

I woke up this morning, feeling afresh and it took me a minute before I could take in that it is my birthday! Oh just how more ordinary could this day get? I shouldn't start fussing around but damn, the fact that I am twenty (nope, I won't write this in digits) is so...disturbing. How fast time flies, indeed. And this fact kind of scares me in some ways I cannot explain. Don't worry, having a love life isn't one of them. /winks

Here's a checklist of some typical and untypical stuff happening on my birthdays~ as if someone would be interested enough to read them:

This year (2013),

I received no material gifts (typical)
We have no food to feast on  (typical)
My father didn't even bother to suggest taking us out to eat in a restaurant of some sort  (SO UNTYPICAL)
I've aged (typical and surreal)
Nobody greeted me (because that's what I wanted)
My 'highschool friends' didn't even send me a greeting (quite typical)
I AM BORED AND SLEEPY (SO..TYPICAL, I remember how much sleepy I was while celebrating my 7th birthday party at home that I went straight to our bedroom in the middle of the party and my mother have to wake and drag me up)

Now now now, January 3 makes not much of a difference than any the days in a year for me~ except that yes, I have aged. (OMG, I just cannot accept, please give me some milk tea and I'll be okay).

Next post:

My brother...cooked something for me as a gift? O__o am I dreaming? (HEEEEE~)

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