Monday, December 3

rushed post

Out of the blue, I decided to blog again (after encountering an ever-famous flying cockroack. XD) about...Christmas because our neighbor who lives across our house has installed christmas lights and stuff. Well, lemme tell you something about my Christmas. Christmas gives me a nostalgic yet fun and exhilarating feeling. Seeing all those flashy christmas lights alone or on christmas trees triggers something in me to stretch my lips for a smile and for no reason, be simply happy. By the first week of December (which is now), we are starting to bring out decorations and install them slowly, well, that was during the past years but now, our house is nowhere near looking like Christmas is approaching, it's not that we don't want to design and all because having your house well-designed and all actually makes the atmosphere beautiful and homey but there's something that really hinders us from doing so. These -ber months are quite not good to us, financially and physically. There are members of the family who got sick and are still, now and when financially because there's a drastic situation in papa's office that inhibits him from bringing home money he used to bring before which is very, very upsetting, disappointing, frustrating that we, the members of the family would like to cry. Everytime there's an ad on TV saying "22 days before Christmas" and stuff, we tease papa and what he always replies to us is, "lilipas din 'yan~" (it will pass, anyway~) which is very sad on our part because we know that our Christmas this year wouldn't be as prosperous and sumptuous as before BUT since the day is just around, we are still hopeful and positive that we'd be able to have a Christmas just the way we used to have it before, or if not, close enough. Think positive and have faith to God! He will provide! Have a nice day and week! I've got tons of stuff to do and yet I'm here, blogging (at the most crucial moment T__T). We have a quiz tomorrow on Science. Have I mentioned this before? I hate Science (well, at least some concepts of it), next to Math! D:

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