Friday, January 25

so it begins

The very last, most intimidating and confusing subject of my college life had begun. Practice Teaching, which is composed of 6 units was assigned for us to take this last quarter (4th). After we have completed all the academic subjects in our entire lifetime as students in PNU, we are off to experience the real challenge and application of they say, 'everything we learned' in school to teaching /real/ students.

Ugh! It hasn't been a full week yet but how frustrating and confusing everything is! What's more is that we're individually assigned to a classroom and Cooperating Teacher of our choice. Before and now, I still am not confident about this. But I hope we all finish this smoothly.

I've quite liked teaching when I was young but the idea and desire just vanished while I was growing up. They say, this Practice Teaching course would let you love teaching more (which is happening to some of my classmates right now) but I think it doesn't have the same effect on me. Oh dear~ We can do this. We can. I can. We all can.

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