Friday, April 4

Out for Sometime. :)

Wah! Super hyper duper to da max excited na ko. :)) Wah! Sa wakas bukas na..


Are going to our Province to you know, relax again and again.. Bwahaha! Yeehaaa. I haven't been there for YEARS. :| T__T My goodness..~~

I extremely wanted to go there. The atmosphere there is such a great one compared to here. :)) PLUS! Lots of sweets made by my Nana Hahaha. Delicious and satisfying foods. Darn! I'm going to be more fat.. T__T Bwahaha..

Anyhow, it doesn't matter. This once in many years chance to be in that place. Bwahaha.

However, the most thing that I am afraid of when we are there.. Are SNAKES! Yay! I'm scared of snakes. There are incidents that snakes can enter in the hole on the Restroom there. Furthermore, the house is near the something there. Wahaah! Basta, bangin. Ganun. Eh. Places like that most likely to have snakes and other unordinary and unfriendly animals. Wah! It sucks. They are my greatest fear. Anyway, those incidents happened somewhat a long time ago. So, ngayon, wala na sigurong ganun. Nyay! :-ss

Bwahaha. Anyway, I'm still happy that I will again finally see my Grandparents there. Bwahaha! That's all.

We will be leaving tomorrow, Saturday. And we have NO definite day when we will come back. ;]

~ Out for Sometime. :D ~

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