Saturday, August 30


This day was great. Even the nerve of me to write this blog in English came along.. Yeah, everything was almost perfect except from what occurred a while ago.. Hell. That fucking woman ruined OUR days, I bet not only me but also Josh...

Here is how it went..

James, Joshua, Kimmy, Venus, Milrose and Me~ went swimming again! For I think.. My third time? At the same place, different time different persons, NEW combination! *need not to get this* :]

Ok, moving on.. We enjoyed our swimming moments.. Langoy aso, pahabaan ng hinga sa ilalim ng tubig, hanapan ng bente singko at piso. These made our stay wackier. Everyone enjoyed it, I guess. We decided to go for a Sauna bath after our swim. But conflicts with the log thing, security guards who, I think don't want to let us have a Sauna bath. Milrose insisted by talking to those apathetic guards. Nothing happened. We decided to just go down at their unit to do some stuffs. We ate. My clumsy attitude showed off again. Imagine, bumakat 'yung sinulat ko sa papel dun sa important document sa unit/office. Fax Paper eh. Sorry naman. Sorry talaga. malay ko ba?, annoying. After sometime, we left for home. Rode a jeep going to Pedro Gil, I think? Then, rode again. The one leading to Sta. Ana tulay. Hell. Ok. Fine. I am a bit sleepy dunno why. Anyways, while we are on the jeep, our sitting positions are like this. The one nearest on where passengers enter is Kim, next to her is James, Joshua, Venus and Me. At our front, a student from FEU. How did I know? By her ID strap and all that.. She's sleepy, obviously that her head falls at different places, her eyes are closed, unconscious. We are a bit bored, thus, need to have someone or something to have fun with. You know, 'yung mapagti-tripan ba namin. And exactly, that 'someone' is exactly at our front. We applied our 'kaleche-hans' by taking stolen photos of her. Pity on the girl, she doesn't know what are we doing. Ang sasama namen, no?! Hell, yea. Katuwaan lang 'to! :]]
Joshuaa continued the stuff, then I noticed a woman with her daughter, I guess. She is BUNGI, mukang antipatika at ang sama ng tingin sa amin. Because I am the one who looks at her, sa akin siya nakatingin. The idea I have in mind is that she already knows what are we doing and wanted to express something towards us. Still, we are lauging out loud. Non-stop. Until James signaled us to cut/stop our thing. The student whom we are making fun with alighted already. Ok. We laughed. But me, again, looked at the woman. I didn't have the nerve to smile at all. I have a doubt she would scold or pahiyain kami. Luckily, there is only 1(one) passenger aside from us in the jeepney. Later, this woman with the fucking face. Asked James, since she is beside him and we are near the driver's seat. It goes like this:

Kaibigan mo ba 'yung mga 'yun? [sabi nung ale, sabay turo sa amin ni Joshua]

'OO' sagot ni James.

Pagsabihan mo nga sila.. Walang mga modo..

blah, blah, blah..

Me?! I just stared at her. I didn't intend to avoid her 'mapanlisik' na mata. Same with her. FUCK her. She's annoying. Joshua knew it. He didn't bother to look at her. Instead, he looks at different directions, to outside, etc.
Until, he unexpectedly looked at where the woman is sitting. The 'pakialamerang' weman immediately uttered:

'masaya ba kayo sa pinaggagagawa niyo sa babae kanina? sa tingin niyo ba masisiyahan din kayo kapag ginawa sa inyo 'yun? mga wala kayong modo!'

So, what's with that? I didn't want to answer her, lalaki lang at mag-iingay and she will insist that she wins though definitely NOT! Why?!

Continuation of her fucking dialogue...

hindi porket wala akong PUSTISO ngayon at bungi ako, hindi na ako nagtuturo. Oo, professor ako at kung under ko kayo, binagsak ko na kayo

Sagot ko sarili ko: WOW! Impressive, huh?! But, anu namang pakialam at konek ko sa propesyon o trabaho mo bilang professor? Paki ko ba? Tinatanong ko ba? I wished I told her this phrase while she talks and talks. I noticed that Joshua seemed to be a bit upset with what this woman is saying. He took out his cellphone where we are takign stolen pictures, go to the Messages and typed the word: EPAL. He showed it to me. Later, he typed naman: 'Paki ko ba?' Probably, the woman already talks about her Profession which we are really not asking and not interested to know.
Joshua blushed, sabi ko na lang sa kanya, wag mo na lang patulan. He replied: 'eeh, nakakainis eh'..
Until such time na hindi na nakapagpigil si Joshua. Nasagot niya 'yung lecheng babae. I forgot the whole thing. But the point is on Joshua's side. Ang natandaan ko lang. Hindi ko inalis 'yung tingin ko sa babae to prove that I am not afraid of her, she's not in the right position to tell us that ANTIPATIKA siya!
Ang sama ng tingin niya sa akin. Which is bahay sa kanya. She looks like mangkukulam. Actually, ang cute and ang puti ng daughter niya. This woman even speaks to her daughter using the English language. Haha! malayong - malayo sa ugali niya sa amin. ANG PROUD AND EPAL!
What i remembered on what Joshua said to her is that...

sabi nung leche: 'wag kayo sa akin mag-sorry, dun dapat kayo sa babae mag-sorry'

sabi ni Joshua: 'hindi po kami nagso-sorry'

The woman didn't intend to answer. In short, BASAG siya! Hahaha. After a couple of minutes, she and her daughter alighted. We wished to talk more about her 'ke-EPALan' attitude. What a mess made by her? Basag pa din xa in the end.. Bumaba na ako after ng ilang meters? Whatever. That woman brought the 'mabigat' na feeling sa akin until I reached home. I told the story to my family. It is an ease. They favored mee! Haha. Wala daw pakialam 'yung babae. dapat sinagot ko. Haha. sabi ni papa dapat daw 'yung mga ganon, hindi ine-entertain at ang dapat lang na sabihin 'maghanap ka ng kausap mo' etc.
Haha! To this time, this blog. Haha! Even on YM. my status message is:

you MIGHT be someone who has a good profession. but still, you have no right to intervene on what on the earth we are doing. you are nothing! but a second rate, trying hard, bungal! =))

Haha! :]]
But.. I am nervous. Basta! Haha.
See ya FUCKING WOMAN! Magtutuos pa tayo..

*sorry sa hindi pagrespeto. I think she deserves it. even the words used. I exploded and It helped. :)*

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