Friday, September 5

Mabuhay, WISDOM! :]]

Maingay ['yung walang sense.], walang ibubuga, laging kinukumpara, wala na, WORST na daw kami..

Yea, Wisdom is my, and OUR section. We are all imperfect, we make noise, an unreasonable and dreadful noise.

All solutions, I think were brought up to us by our very trying officers. They depicted their roles and responsibilities. Yet, despite of all these efforts, nothing changed in our daily 'kaingayan'. In fact, we went more bad than before. This affected our grades, of course, our image. Like, duh?! we are fourth-year students and we are acting in this disgracing manner. Even lower year levels look at us without any respect. They even bully our Identity clap.. Uh, oh.. Not gonna elaborate more on this. It's embarrassing, HONESTLY!

Just this morning, I'll not say what we've done but the moment we, WISDOM went out of our room, most of us didn't help but to cry.. Everyone for me, was happy for what have... :P
We went down hands at the back, straight line, did not make much noise of the useless aluminums placed on each steps of the stairs.. This is the First Time! And hell, it id so damn TOUCHING to see them like this, include me?! Thanks! :]
We ate our recess at our mini - auditorium specifically on the stage where we, Wisdom had some time of Bonding, sharing of our baons and foods bought from the canteen. I was definitely happy seeing the section like this.. :)
I hope this will continue until the end of the school year..


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