Tuesday, September 30

Have you ever?

Have you ever experienced encountering a girl or guy, at a certain place, at an unexpected time for which, you can't take your eyes off of him/her?
I have experienced it. Of course, a guy! For... Once?, I think? I told you, I'm not good in memorizing each experiences I had in the past in my life. Sorry naman :)
But this event is simply prominent in my life because it brought me a different flavor of experience and it is definitely delightful on my part..
The incident happened last September 16,2008 - where all Senior students of our school, as well as the fourth year students of other schools have gone to that university fair? at the PICC Forum something.

I'm gonna get it straight. At the booth of the FEU - East Asia College Well. At first, we just roamed all around, do this and that. I didn't notice this guy which is giving flyers, probably also a student of the said school, promoting.. Until -- Venus told me so. OMG. He's like. Uh-uh Oh-oh. Damn! He's so cute. Haha, just wanna share. And oh, I just can't get over of him, even until now. Sooo, haha. I didn't stop unless I had a picture of him on that very day. Yea, I know it's a bit ashaming and exasperating. But, gawd, if it is a guy like him? He's simply hard to resist! I will not be satisfied without a picture of him with me. So, I asked Chuchai a favor to take a picture of us. Weee. :"> Haha. I can't ask the guy by myself. Thank God Chuchai had the guts of asking him. And luckily, we had this pic:

More pictures on: Chuchai's Friendster :) [<--click this]
Soo. What do you think, huh? I told ya, he's cute. OMG. OMG. Haha, I look so damn FAT on the pic. Annoying :|
Well. That's fine,at least, I had a picture with himm! Haha, insane. :> Yea, I knew it a long long time ago. (^^,)V

And now.. I'll ask you again.. Have you ever?

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