Wednesday, October 1


I think it is just normal for each person to yearn for something. To yearn for something which is atleast, possible to achieve or get. And not that type as if it is too high, unreachable and impossible to have.
Blah.. -;- Is it obvious that I am referring into someone? Well... Yes! It's a YESSS! :)
I have these two cravings as of the moment. They are somehow, affordable, I guess..

Number 1 is the book TWILIGHT!!! like... OMG! At first, I have no interests on that thing.. But now! I felt like I have been possessed and too desperate on having a copy. I want to have oneee! Especially now that I knew that they [the bookstores] had just released new stocks of the book! I really want one!

Number 2 is a low-cut Chuck Taylor shoes. Well. Yes, I have a high-cut but my goodness, those shoes are with me for more than a year. I've been using it everywhere I go that requires me to wear those. Pudpod na kung baga over used! So, I wanna try a low-cut.

I guess I am being a bit reasonable on this? But the main problem is money! I have no money! And no one else in this world could buy me these two things but my own self also! So, if I have these goals, I want to acquire all needed requirements for me to own these stuffs by my own and not by other people...But a little help from a family member is very much appreciated. Haha! I don't want to be like somebody else there who aims too much of things as if there's no tomorrow and relies on other people. Hahahaha! Dream on! Peace Out ^^,V

This stuff is kinda dazzling. My attention is diverted while typing this. My brother turned on the radio. Obviously, I can hear it. And heck, it is on that calling part and advice thing. It's disturbing. I cannot concentrate. But, whatever! If ever there is something wrong with this, blame the radio!

For now, we are all waiting for the news for us to know if there will be classes tomorrow. HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE NOOO CLASSES! *crossed fingers* Haha, who wants to have? You seem to be so desperate in studying. Keep up the good work! It's late! The time will nearly tick on 12 am. I need to go! Thanks for reading and bearing the nonsense. :)

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