Wednesday, September 17

My top 2 favorites among my favorites..

1. Sleeping --> It is for me, a Paradise.
2. Surfing the Net --> I'm not alone, numerous people also love this. :)
These past few days, I dunno why, I feel like I'm being out of my own system, my daily routine. It's kinda weird but that's what I observe about myself. I spend so much time using the computer. And when I need to do houseworks for a while, I can't help but to feel sluggish. Leaving those responsibilities as an additional to the loads of my mother.

Just this morning, I felt like my conscience was being triggered. I refused to wash our dirty plates last night. I have slept than doing it. I wasn't able to get up any longer. It was a good and straight sleep.
I woke up, the dishes are done. Perhaps, if those are still left unwashed, then I woke up, I won't still be able to work on those because I would be even more late in coming to school, no change.

I just just sensed this. I want to evade the usage of computer. But hell, I can't. I won't even last a day without checking my Friendster, Multiply account and all my favorite-to-visit sites.
I'm being useless these days. And I want to cut the scene!
I don't want to be nasty and adamant. I suck! What should I do? I'm DISARRAYED.

Yes, Sleeping is very GOOD! As I have said, a Paradise. but am I getting too much? Same thing with the span of time I spend in using the computer..
I know it myself, nu-uh. This is non sense. I need to cut this crap. Whatta post? Nevermind this, I'm out of myself while writing this. :]

99 days to go before Christmas!

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