Thursday, October 16

Another happy birthday greeting

Haha, I'm crazy, indeed. I just got this thing a while ago from Milrose's USB. I borrowed it to her and she lend it to me for a while. This was a lettering carried out last October 10, 2008 [that's the Birthday of Chun. Hihihi..] The lettering was by Milrose and the idea and message is of course, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to Kim for scanning.
I added some cute details, I think. Haha, the design I made was a bit childish but I like it. Hope Chun will also do. :]

Wo Ai Ni Chunnie (",)


anna braga le'te said...


Chunina said...

What's with the 'LOL'?
Hahaha, I'm damn serious with this. :]