Sunday, October 19


What now?

Gone from school. First day of exams. >_< Kakadugo!
Oh Damn Math. Don't ask why. Trigonometry? Don't dare expect.

Ito pa.. CL Dang! Isa pa 'to eh. Killed me. :|
Computer? Way good. I think?
TLE? Hmmm................

I refused to finish our project in computer. I was only way half of it. Not knowing today is the deadline. It was a rush since last night! Imagine that? I haven't even managed to review well. However, I just submitted it that way. Kesa naman wala, 'di ba???

Consequent projects! T_T
Elective-- Drawing with shading, etc. Will I be able to pass that thingy tomorrow?
AP-- Survey! All Screwed up. Ang gulo. Tapos may graphing pa. Dang!
Science-- A group project. If YOU people don't want to include me in the 'making scene' of this project, it's up to you. It's your loss, not mine. I'm telling ya. :)

What else??...

Hmmm... Dunno. Whatever. And take note! The deadlines of these 'pamatays' are tomorrow or on the next day. Suckss! I'm about to go insane, finally!

If only I am supernatural. :]


anna braga le'te said...

Kawawa ka naman...:-(

Chunina said...

Oh. Sakit sa ulo eh.