Thursday, October 2

A good news.

My mom is currently browsing the net when I arrived at our home gone from somewhere. She, abruptly called my name and told me a news regarding a Korean actor being married to someone..
The dialogue went like this:

Ui! Si ano oh.. Kasal na! [sabi ni Mama]

Sino?! Ah.. Si Cholo sa Stairway to Heaven.. [sabi ko]

Yep, you got it right. His name is Kwon Sang Woo of the popular-series, Stairway to Heaven with the Filipino character, Cholo.
For more details on their wedding, that go with pictures, and the like, click here

Well... I know this is none of my business, but I care at least a little since I liked the series mentioned for which,he is the main male lead. And perhaps, imagine, he is already married! I mean, he is really someone popular and now, he is already married. So, this is really a big news for all his fans and non-fans like... Me? Haha x-(

At the same time, the news made me nervous :| :|
What if...

One day, I browsed the Net then I saw one of the FRH boys are already married? Without having any further information regarding their relationships, it will surely bring a BIG O_O shock on me. Unless! They are paired up or married with the girls whom I wanted them to be with like for example..
Like what I have been always saying, CHUN with ELLA -- it's for me, a TWO THUMBS UP!
Aside from that, Selina and Hebe would also do for the other boys. Haha, I'm soo crazy and absurd in here.

Really weird: My post is about the Marriage of a Korean actor but then I have shifted unknowingly to Fahrenheit, again! I'm really so damn addicted. :)

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