Wednesday, October 22

Oh retro, oh retro~

Sa wakas naman. Tapos na ang test. But I have this very strong feeling that I will fail MAPEH. Well. That's the way it goes. Ang hirap eh. Anung magagawa ko? That's the hardest, ever! Almost all items, ang lame and hinulaan ko lang.
Let go...
Let go...
Let go!~

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Will be the first day of our Foundation Days ;)
What to expect? We were already given the invitation which has the program and all that.
The theme of our clothes for tomorrow?
Retro! Oh yea, I don't have any clothes with relations to Retro nor trends. I only have simple shirts and pants for ordinary occasions. What's wrong with that, right?

At this time, I have already talked with Daph and we have figured some things out. She is willing to lend me a Retro shirt. And it looks like this:

Is it just right? Well. I think so. Haha, it's better than nothing:)
The upper part is settled. Now, with the lower part. Phew! Good thing, Daph again asked her mom to borrow 2 leggings for someone. Hopefully, I will borrow that too. Haha, so, overall, Daph is my clothes sponsor. Haha, xie xie, ILY :)

I am having an headache since this noon. I decided not to attend the Practice of the Living Rosary! Haha, boycott?
What to expect tomorrow?
Hmm. I guess it's gonna be boring and fun at the same time.
Oh men! Uuwi na lang ako nang maaga. Pwede naman eh. :))
And oh, the booth of our class [Wisdom!] is the Movie World O_O
Okay.. :)
Gotta gow. Still have to go with my momma at the Church.
*still having a headache*
wala pa kasing tulog! lol

Currently Watching: Love Contract. :D

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