Thursday, October 23

First day

Whatever will be, will be.

To make the loong blahs short,

this first day of Foundation days sucks!

First, it's too boring. Yea, there stood the booths, foods, etc.

Cellphones are not allowed. Oh yea, I didn't think twice, I still brought it, more so, without a waiver! Lakas ng loob :)
Only to the reason that I anticipated that many of my fellow-students will also bring.
We went back and forth to our places, sat anywhere, stare at what are the others are doing. And it's damn hot. Who would want to pursue with that kind of situation?
But we're stuck until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Sucks!

Doing nothing, many things just happened, happened very fast that I almost forgot details of those.
It was near the dismissal time, as usual, we were sitting and doing nothing. When this POD [Prefect Of Discipline] of our school came near to us and shouted my name. Gawd! I'm not in the mood at that time. I immediately asked myself: 'what does she want? annoying...'
And then she continued: 'Corina! Labas mo cellphone mo..'
Being too honest and obedient, I brought it out and unhesitatingly gave it to her. I told to myself: how did she know? I am being very careful of not showing it. Maybe someone reported it to her. Naa, childish!
Nagising ako since then.
But I acted cool and as if not nervous. But actually, I'm a bit scared because the phone is not mine. It's my father's.
I just thought of it, though I can't think straight. And when 3 o'clock came, I searched for her. Desperate enough to confront her for my rights with my phone.

So many things happened. She reported the incident to my adviser, I called my mom.
I won't sleep if the phone isn't at my hands. I won't let her have it overnight. Hindi ko na pinagpabukas. But conflicts occured. I waited very long enough for my mother at school. Namuti na 'yung mata ko. Wala pa akong kasama. So I went home. When I arrived home, nagkasalisihan. They left already! Naah. So sick. Kasi naman eh. Nothing like this would happen if no one saw it. Haha, I knew who saw it. Our POD told it to me! Hah, whatever!
Despite of these hindrances, luckily, the phone arrived safe home. *breath!*
Good thing mama, asked the guard and led her to our POD without me accompanying her. Haha! I'm proud to have such a smart mom. :)
But my mother told me it will have this 'agreement' thing which will be in a form of letter which tells that she [my mother] will never allow me again to bring a cellphone.
O crap! As if. Haha! :]]

So.. I got to make that fucking letter now.
For the second day of intrams, which is tomorrow, we will wear our CAT uniform once we come to school in the morning. Yeee. I love it~ Not being officers and just ordinary Cadettes, we will also salute while the flag is being raised tomorrow! Whoa. What's exciting about that, anyway. Hmm. For me, it's nothing but the fact that it will be very much memorable since it will be the first and last time? that we will raise our right hand and salute while the flag is being raised. Haha! I'm just being ecstatic. :D
Ooohh. Haha, lots to say, huh? Hmm. There's more! But I got to prepare for tomorrow. We need to go to school earlier than the usual because of you know, the flag thingy. Yee. Haha! :-)
Ok. Ok.


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