Friday, October 3

Why can't you just admit it, Chun?

Before anything else, I want to proudly tell you that I'm a ChunElla fan. No doubt, I'm giving them my 100% blessings, if it is Ella for Chun, there's no problem at all!

At my previous post, 'Dream On, girl' it just showed how annoyed I was when a girl named Ah Sa insists herself to Chun knowing that Chun isn't showing any interests on her.

I was at this certain forum, when I found this thread -- a thread containing a URL of a video which will be a sure proof of Chun's... what can you call this? hmmm.. Chun's Concern or care for Ella. I mean, to Chun, why is he still denying it every time there are people who ask him, what is the status of his relationship to Ella. He kept on answering the phrase: 'Me and Ella are just good friends'.. It's really urging me get pissed on Chun. Plus, there are these other incidents or instances where he shows the he likes Ella.. more than as a friend! And now.. Why are they still friends? Huhuhu. As a ChunElla fan, I want them to go more than that. Well, this is my own perception so please respect if ever you feel I'm very exaggerated or something.. It's an opinion of a Fan. No hard feelings :)v

Check the video I'm talkin' 'bout. It's HERE

This video gave me the thrust to finally get full of Chun! Haha, in terms of Ella. :)


I know that Chun has been linked to other girls he have been with both in drama series and his movie. But, can't you notice, it's been always Ella's name prominent when Chun's love team is asked or is the topic? Why can't it be Angela Zhang? Oh yea, there are people who likes Chun with Angela and I respect that. But what I'm trying to say is that Ella is the one leading among everyone else on this case. And that's really great!
I simply adore Chun and Ella's tandem. This has a history.

Would you believe??

I was at Kim's place when we decided to watch a MV of Hana Kimi, without any further idea. We hit off that first video appeared in there. And heck, at first, would you believe that I hated Ella? For the reason that we thought she was some kind of trying hard to be cute and all that.. Coincidentally, we commented that way because the scene in the Hana Kimi appeared is when Ella wore a long wig. Haha, and her reaction on there. If you don't know anything about the background of the drama, you will think the same way too. Haha, but know, who would expect or think? I will go crazy on Ella and Chun.

Soo. That's all. Soo. Chun, why can't you just admit it so there will be no other girls there who would bother your life. Haha, hear me out Chunnie, hear me out! LOL~

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