Sunday, November 23

'Em back!

Hallo everyone! How's life?
What's so exciting, on the first place that I bothered to put an exclamation point at the title. That's lame.
Honestly, I wanted to post something these past days pero pinanindigan ko 'yung sinabi ko sa chatbox ko na: 'Hiatus Mode'. Thanks to Miltot for patiently explaining to me what's that all about. :}

What's new??

After 2 months, according to Venus, we, finally and again attended Fahrenheit Family Philippines' Eye Ball / Gathering / Arron's Birthday Celebration / Calvin's Birthday Celebration. Whoa! It's real delighting.. Grabe. Those people are so accommodating and friendly.. Ok Ok. I actually bought an album of SHE and Fahrenheit at the mini sari-sari store they made at the KFC. Thank God I looked at it earlier. Kasi kung hindi, naubusan ako. Yeheyy!
Never imagined those people are the owners of the user names I've been witnessing at the Forum. Sulit 'yung pagsisinungaling ko sa nanay ko. But I really feel guilty. Worst, the fact that I arrived late on the family gathering held at our home. Nakabawi naman siguro ako, I guess..

It's killing me..

Gawsshh.. Thesis, Projectsssss?! What's more? The previous Monthly Exams. *breaths* Thank God, one down. I can't imagine myself dealing with these abundant projects. Yea, I need someone to help me.. Someone help mee! Superman, fly me na lang. :))


We'll just give update on our own lives next time. Got to go. Nakapila na naman 'yung mga gawaing bahay.. Phew!

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