Tuesday, November 25

Taiwanese Drama Invasion

Since then, I have been 'this' addicted to Taiwanese Dramas. Well, not really revolving around Taiwanese, but also to Korean and Japanese. But not that much.

Hana Kimi made it more severe. Since the day I have started watching this drama and eventually, knew Chun & Ella and the Gang, it affected all, though. It brought me closer in to familiarizing myself into more dramas of them, including other artists. Because of Hana Kimi, I met Fahrenheit. Met? Well, not in personal but at least, intentional. lol!!
I did mind to post such a thing because recently, I am so into two Taiwanese dramas. I can't help it. They invaded me? They got me. I am soo addicted to them. Both dramas are so nakakakilig and that I started to have my 'daydreaming' sessions again!

The Dramas are: Wish To See You Again and Brown Sugar Micchiato.
Wait! It doesn't end there. I have still lots on the line. I've been watching them all together! Take note that all of them are Taiwanese and mostly are new.
Wah! Pi Li MIT is much awaited. Soo much awaited! The craving is getting and getting in to me in every episode that they are showing. Waahh!

Ok. I'm that obsessed because I'm sleepy. But I have to do something with my XXXstitch. Goodnight, though. Sweeet Dreaamss. :D

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