Friday, November 28

An exhausting field trip

It's OUR last year on high school, the last of all the things and activities we are used to do in our high school lives and now, we just accomplished our the last field trip. :((
I entered St. Mary's Academy Of Sta. Ana since my 1st grade. Uh yea, on June, it'll be my 10th year there. I wonder why at a certain point, I don't get the feeling of nagsasawa, though.

We just had our LAST Field Trip today. Nuhh. A while ago. Yes, it's exhausting but I still have the energy to surf the internet and have sometime dealing with this blog.
I was separated from my FRIENDS FOREVER nor to the friends which, I get along to well and I am comfortable with. I am indeed, separated and isolated. I felt that for the first time. Wala akong kasama kanina mag-ikot. See how lonely that was?
Anyway, the whole class[Wisdom] was settled on a bus and thus, not having any conflicts of transferring to other bus or so. Our tour guide is not boring and I got several info's from him. He is simply incredible. Imagine, he spoke all through out the trip, almost. Wah! Yea, he had much experience... My classmates tease him as 'Wu Chun' Oh please, for PETE'S SAKE! Chun is very unique; how could anyone be compared to him just like that? Haha! Over protective? Whatever. Our first destination was the Science Centrum at Marikina. Yea, it's great. I wandered alone. Then a classmate of mine invited me on this certain portion. The so-called Wonder House. I never thought that it would be the cause of my head ache. By the time you enter inside, you'll be pushed back and you will also have a hard time walking back and forth for that thing was built so damn slant. It's like we are repelling the gravity. We tried to take pictures from the higher side but it's so damn hard. We are being pushed to the lower side. Pulling each other's clothes. It is fun, though. Nakakagulat nga lang sa una
Then we headed to Avilon Zoo. Yea, too much to say. We were toured. We witnessed so many animalss! Which are for me, amazing. They have 3 crocodiles that are so awesomely huge. Then this 'uranggutan' named Trix/ie. Lots of animals, indeed! Duh?! That's why it was called a zoo. :))
For the first time, I got a chance to see cobras in real. I saw their old skins there. It's as if they are peeling off their skins everytime the need to. But sad to say, most of the animals there are just like statues.. Some kind of. Not real? Because our tour guide told us that their animals are mostly 'nocturnal' which means, these animals are only active at night. But the animals intimidating, though.
Then we ate our lunch. [wow! i'm very much detailed]
Then we headed to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Museum. We got to see the evolution of money here in our country. As well as the old coins and paper ones before the money we have at present.
Then, we went to the Ayala Museum. And witnessed these paintings by Mr. Ayala, Fernando Amorsolo and.. I forgot the other one. [if i'm right] Their imaginations and skills are awesome! That's all I can say.


But I burst out all my energy and kabaliwan at kalokohan on our way home. It was dark outside but inside our bus, it felt like vigorous and is still filled with light. Considering that it was our last field trip, I freaked out. I sat at the mid way of the bus and there, ruined and influenced the lives of my classmates. I'm happy that those people beside me rode on with my stupidity. Yea, I'm loving it. I was overwhelmed. I got it. Haha. That's all. And then we first roam around the tiangges at the Plaza, then waved goodbyes and then.. Home Sweet Home!


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