Sunday, November 30


After the 'Exhausting Field Trip' we had, here we are again.. Will face another activities.. SPIRITUAL activities, specifically. Tomorrow will be our Retreat @ Tagaytay. It should be in Baguio. For the past years, Baguio has been the destination. But due to any unknown reason, may balat yata kame sa pwet. =)) For the first time, the place is at Tagaytay. One more THING: The 2 and only 2 sections of fourth year at our school are scheduled at different dates. we, students from Wisdom will have our retreat tomorrow, as I have said while Justice[the home of my BFF'S and Super friends] will have it at December 8-10.

Oh so damn and darn! Why is it like this? Wahh! Wander alone na naman ang drama ko nito! Boooshh.
Still, I haven't prepared my things yet. Later na lang. And heck, I have been visited twice by my monthly visitor. Ang sipag! Err. Kairita. Gross!

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