Friday, December 5

Wisdom's Retreat

Preparing stuffs necessary for our Retreat is quite hard for me. Oooh yes, I was indeed disorganized that I actually took hours to complete my packing. Behold, I forgot to bring slippers and to drag my jacket. :(

I headed to school at around 9:55. As usual, I was a BIT late. :D
First, we had our orientation at the AVR. Sitting stiffly, my feet again hurt badly. And again, I must bear with it.
After that, the class have waited for so loong for the transpo until at last, the enormous bus arrived. The bus was proudly labeled 'St. Mary's Academy [With the logo of our school] P. Burgos, Pasay' Pssshhh. Haha. It isn't our school's property and thus was borrowed from that branch. The bus was exaggeratedly big that the whole class, including the 2 teachers and a sister who joined us.

So many blahs and things happened but at last, we arrived at Tagaytay. The place is called as 'Betania Retreat House'[if the spelling's right], have some orientations AGAIN regarding the house rules. And went straightly to our respective rooms. Mostly, rooms should have 2 persons on it. We had 5 sessions, experienced the foggy, cold, yet cool weather. We had two masses, 5 meals a day. Take not, sumptuous, delicious, satisfying, fresh and irresistible foods! Yum :]

To make the long story short, on my own view, the retreat's fine and our performance as well. I think we deserve a 'congratulations' from the people who expect such from us. Too bad on our way home, our adviser didn't permit us to have a stop-over at Colette's or at any buko pie shops. :|

That's all for now. Not in the mood again. :(

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