Wednesday, October 17

A good morning post

That bored-restless-weird feeling is taking over me right now and I knew I had to blog. But what do I blog? I can't think of anything decent to post here. Today's Thursday, the second day of my precious(?) sembreak and so far, it has been half boring and half relaxing. I do nothing at home unless my mom commands me something to me (OMG! Just imagine that laziness right there) and I don't go out because, you know no allowance and stuff so I'm stuck at home well unless someone out there wants to take me out but of course, everything has to be free. (LOL)Logged on to twitter, it's too boring, logged on to Facebook, got no notification (see how anti-social I'm getting!) and so my last resort is blog! To not feel alone although I know no one's necessarily gonna read this. Ah~ I'm using my brother's desktop computer right now while he's at school, oh his keyboard is really comfortable so I cannot stop typing though I know this will lead into nothing. Christmas is fast-approaching, are you excited? I am but this year's christmas would be tight and different from the previous christmases we have because of financial problems and stuff. So, let's just feel the air and spirit of Christmas and enjoy it. Until next time~ Pardon this very random post. :P

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