Wednesday, October 24


It kind of sucks that whenever I think of a decent topic to blog or rave about, not-so-good things always occupy my mind immediately. Like for now, Big Bang, yes, with the Big B and a Big Bang is here, yes, like here in our country to have a 'concert' and to finally satisfy each Filipino VIP's dream. As far as I can remember, Big Bang is the first ever super mega hyper popular artist that has come to our country, not that I'm saying that that other artists who have already had concerts here are not, but it's just that Big Bang has a different appeal and feel to the fans. I can see a lot of fellow fangirls almost sobbing because they say, it feels surreal that the band is performing right in front of them which feels like like everything's a dream. Well, yeah, for that, I'm happy for them. The moment I heard about Big Bang's concert here, I was a bit excited but I knew right then that I won't see them nor attend the concert. My reasons? First is the most common one: money -- well yeah, seems that our financial situation nowadays isn't well and I can see my parents trying hard to make both ends meet. As we and things get more demanding, the more we are deprived of what feels like everything. Second reason is that I'm not really a Big fan. I mean, I own a Big Bang shirt and often wear it before until such time I realized why on earth am I wearing this all the time when I'm not a fan? Right then and there, I've hidden the tee in the deepest of my closet. I love Kpop and all though and I like Big Bang, too! But it's just that I kind of promised myself I'll not fangirl hard and honestly and wholeheartedly over any other Kpop artist but TVXQ. Listening to other artists' songs is cool and great (Like what I'm doing recently~ going Beast, Sistar, T-ara and stuff) but having one fandom is stressful, emotionally tiring enough considering how things work if you're a TVXQ fan. But no, I'm not complaining, I love my fandom and I love the band, I think they're the last band I'll ever fangirl on and be a fan of. In the end, this post has told you nothing but randomness and slight insertion of Big Bang stuff. Well yeah, that's because amidst everyone's euphoria on the concert right now, I can't explain why I suddenly had regrets of not buying a ticket and going to the concert -- just a very, very slight feeling I swear. Although I really promise everyone who's gonna see this( well, if there is) that given the chance to have TVXQ here, I will undoubtedly go and see these boys. Not only that, but please help me acquire a backstage pass or anything for me to get close to these gorgeous boys. I won't ask anything of you but this. If this won't happen though, well, see you in Korea, Japan and everywhere! I keep my faith and I believe. <3 Good night~

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