Wednesday, October 24

That moment...

That moment when it's sembreak and you only stay at home, watch uninteresting TV shows, music videos, surf the internet routinely, talk to people at home and just be by yourself. I have never thought this could be very lonely. The past vacations I have had were all fun but why do I feel this way now? Also, that moment when you seldom post pictures, statuses and stuff on Facebook and when you do, no one likes or comments on them and I was like...I'm forever alone! That moment when 'your friends' are watching a Kpop concert and you're at home, tweeting, lying on your stomach and blogging. That moment when you feel like you don't have friends anymore and you feel like you are not capable of having real ones who will be your friends for a long time. That moment when you're blogging and you suddenly had nothing to type because your minds stops working. That moment when you are craving Milk tea which can be only bought near your school which will take you 2 rides and which will cost you 32php with the exemption of the Milk tea price. That moment when you just don't understand clearly how you feel, what you plan to do in life and just lay everything on fate and God's hands. That moment when I know I had to end this post because it's becoming annoying. That moment when I just want to sleep because I have nothing good to do. That moment when I have to exercise and lose all these bi and triceps fats but too lazy to do so. That moment when it's raining and you don't like it because it's making you sad. That moment when you can't understand why you don't appreciate vacations that way you used to before. And that moment...oh...that moment of....Good night.

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