Tuesday, October 30

Press the reset

A look to the previous bands I have idolized. My history as a fangirl is miraculously vague to my own memory and I am not really into backtracking and refreshing all those silly things I have done in the past as a fangirl. Dunno why today I felt like reminiscing and blogging about it – those who have known me for the past 2 or 3 years wouldn’t know about this, but my high school friends definitely do. First boy band I idolized sincerely (as far as I could remember) is Rivermaya. You would think everyone’s a fan of this ban as they are considered one of the ‘legends of OPM’ but mine is a different case. I cannot clearly remember how it started for during those times, we still do not have a decent internet connection so I think I merely depended on the television. Gradually, I asked my father to buy me *fake*CDs which have mp3 songs of the band, luckily though, my father is into music so it’s really okay to him, especially when we go to Quiapo just to shop for CDs and stuff – oh that felt like heaven to me! One fateful day, I thought to myself that I should at least but an original copy of their “Greatest Hits Collection 2006” album which costs around 300php during that time and as a student who does not have ‘enough’ money for that, I pulled some strings and voila~ I was able to buy that precious item. Whenever I clean the house, (yep, I do that before) you can hear the CD playing repeatedly; once finish with the cleaning, I make sure that the CD is safely back into its case and I would stash it somewhere safe. Oh, dear~ those moments were great because if I were to go back to fully patronizing OPM now, I would still listen to old Rivermaya songs because they are epic just like that. Of course, in the 4-member band, I have a ‘bias’ heee heee~ but I won’t be telling that here. Only few people know him , for sure! As Rivermaya encountered ups and downs, I wasn’t there anymore nor did I have updates about their new songs and activities. I don’t know why, one day, I woke up and stopped being a severe fan of the band. Second boy band I liked is Callalily. Yep, I was crazy back then to Tatsi Jamnague~oh highschool days. I could clearly remember the not-so-ordinary stalking I commenced online before (well, I only stalk their pictures and their pictures with their girlfriends heee~). I bought their Destination XYZ (which was their Debut album) two times, why? The first album I bought looked like it’s raped or something considering the amount of times I played the CD repeatedly so for me to feel satisfied, I had bought a new one and hid it safely~ Remarkable things of me idolizing this band are the places I went just to see them. Two are during the fiestas held near our barangay so they were invited and another one is at Market!Market! where I even dragged two of my HS friends to accompany me. Oh my craze that time is of quite something. As rapid as my fondness towards this band has started, it quite ended in a blink of an eye that one day I just did not care nor I was interested in them anymore. T__T I’m weird, I know. But Callalily’s songs in their first album – name them, I can sing them to you, they have good and catchy and sweet songs. Now let’s go outside the Asia – somewhere near the PH but a bit North – to Taiwan. The Fahrenheit band which was composed of Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan. In this fandom, I was a member of FFP (a PH fansite of the band) and whenever there are events to go to, my ‘previous’ bestfriend was with me, like ‘we are in this together~’ so if there are new MVs that have been released, we would rave over them together, squealing like crazy because we simply understood each other. We also watched every member’s drama and it’s euphoric! Heee~ one thing about this fandom is that I was able to meet awesome people which up to know are still my friends although we have all left the Fahrenheit fandom and transferred to the Kpop world. Sad to say and accept but there’s always an end to everything although you wouldn’t really think of that at first. If you’d ask me what I’ve learned in all these fandoms I’ve had is that they will give you happiness and get you all hyped up at first but eventually, as time passes by, your interests and preferences change, you find yourself unconsciously losing your fondness towards them and move on to another one~ one that would give you a fresh, euphoric feeling. Only that this 5th and last fandom I’d share on my next post is the longest, the present and I think the last fandom I will have in my lifetime.

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