Tuesday, October 30

The weird blogger

Before anything else, I just want to inform you guise that as I read my previous blog posts, I tend to randomly discuss things and neglect the 'essence' of the post. How? well, let's say I decided to title this blog as 'this' so I start talking about 'this' but as I go on, my trace of thought kinda shifts from 'this' to 'that' which makes me confused, too! Pardon me because right now I couldn't think of any reason for that except for it being just one of the weird sides of me. Yes, there's more to it. Another thing that sank in to me is that I don't promote this blog and as much as possible, I try to hide it to the people I know( YES, WEIRD, I TOLD YOU) and I have one follower, which is my cousin (who doesn't have an internet connection recently) that could basically mean no one actually visits this blog and reads the posts in it except for...me. Well, don't you still find it weird that despite the fact that I am aware that no one could read this, I'm still posting weird stuff as if I'm talking to no one but the thin air? Is the intensity of my weirdness going high? Well, I hope it isn't because no one would like that to happen plus I want to work not-so-hard to appear and really be friendly to all people out there (BUT WHY WHY IS IT SO HARD?). This is just another haphazard thought so lemme go to another topic which is me enjoying this sembreak like whoa. (Wow, that's a transition right there hee~) Remember me sulking and feeling all sad during the first days of the semestral break because...well I could still clearly remember how I felt during those times...I will kinda miss the life I got used to for the whole sem. HECK but now, I eat, sleep, watch stuff, laze around the house like a boss! Who wouldn't want that? well, yes, my mom but I am definitely enjoying this although I feel like I'm so lazy and there are times that I think I need to do something too~ hee. In less than a week, school will start and another semester will open again and I am not excited about it. Heeeeee. Quite the studious type, aren't I? Well well well~ Oh, one thing I want to share is that I do not really plan when should I blog or something...I would just find my fingers typing the letters 'blogger' in the address bar and voila~ I'm here finishing a non-interesting blog post in no time. (huuur)

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