Sunday, October 28


Not that I ought to be surprised but I'm reeling... I cannot believe we have just gone the other day to take our graduation pictures taken! I mean, why does it seem that today, time flies really fast but while we're in the process of all those stress (and more stress to come, yep, this upcoming semester is kind of intimidating me XD)we just wanted everything to end. But now, how come, I'm fourth year, some are asking if I'd graduate next year, I'm being positive so I'm saying "maybe~" and some are just so sure I'll graduate (thanks!) and are starting to call me weird names like "Ma'am" of some sorts. Well, seriously, the fact that I am already a graduating student isn't sinking in just yet...maybe because we haven't had experienced our Practice Teaching yet which I'm really nervous about. It's one of the tests and experiences I'm intimidated about but hopefully, with prayers and God, we will all be able to finish it well. Keeping my faith! <3 Oh, you may not want to see this but here are some pictures, take it as a glimpse to the graduation picture pictorial we had somewhere in Greenhills~
OMO OMO. Ignore this person plz ><

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